IpPayware Payment Technology

Software Partners

IpPayware is a payment solutions company that works with various software partners to provide payment gateway and integration services for online and mobile payments. Some of the software partners that ippayware collaborates with are:

EBTF – This is a point-of-sale software that offers a complete solution for restaurants, bars, and cafes. It features a user-friendly interface, a cloud-based management system, a customizable menu, and a loyalty program. It also integrates with ippayware’s payment gateway and supports multiple payment methods.

Clover POS – This is a smart point-of-sale system that adapts to any business type and size. It offers a sleek hardware design, a powerful software platform, and a wide range of apps and accessories. It also integrates with ippayware’s payment gateway and supports multiple payment method. 

Our Partner Program offers Organizations and Developers ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solution for a multitude of integration options (various gateways to direct integration/API releases) but all are simple to use and integrate.

We work with and support numerous applications: VAR’s, Business Management Software, eCommerce, mobile Payments, Online Payments, and more.

Most Developers are “Leaving Money on the Table” by not capitalizing on the Revenue From Payment Processing and in Most Current Relationships, the ”Preferred Processor” receives the lion share of the revenue.

Our payment solutions meet and exceed industry data security standards (PCI DSS) saving our partner Developers significant time and resources. 

We fully support our Developer programs.

  • Marketing and sales programs are customized for each partner to maximize adoption rate.
  • We deliver unparalleled merchant support.
  • No contract requirements from your customers.
  • We offer competitive IpPayware fees because this is the most simple and transparent pricing model available
  • Support Multiple Ways To Accept Payments.
  • Integrate with our API to seamlessly accept all major credit cards, in your app, website or software.
  • Customize Your Experience, Your Way.


Our HTTP API solution allows your developers and our Team to build an environment customized for your business.

Rest Easy With Data Security.

Data security is always top of mind for us, and our API is PCI-DSS compliant, so your payment and customer information is secure – no sensitive data ever hits your servers.